Travel for Charity

Chilli ChildrenBeing in a developing country is associated with alot problems like disease, iliteracy, high unemployment levels among others.

Explore Uganda with Dan has identified a few problems of which when solved will help in securing Uganda's future generation. Child education, lack of medical care, and high unemployment levels where parents have no jobs, hence no money to support their families are some of the identified problems.

Explore Uganda with Dan found interest in sharing with " The Chilli Children Trust" because they address most of the major problems by providing education, Medical outreach Surgery and also supporting families through growing Chilli for income, Parents and guardians of orphaned or disabled children grow chillies with advice and support from the Project’s Chilli Field Extension Officers.

Explore Uganda with Dan gives 3% from each safari profits to the project. Clients who choose to travel under the "travel for Charity" plan will have a 3% charge added to the total safari cost and this percentage will go to the project. Clients are also free to donate directly to the project or contact the Chili Children directly. Extra days can be added to the safari itinerary incase a client is interested in visiting the project in Rukungiri( Western Uganda )



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